Dubba Drone

By now you’ve probably read about’s plan to start delivering packages by drone?  The world of technology is amazing and making leaps and bounds that will blow your mind. Thanks to the latest and greatest of the future, we have discovered a new passion and hobby that can be applied directly to real estate.

In the very near future, we hope to take real estate photography to a whole new level, literally.  Drone photography will become the wave of the future for real estate marketing.  While it is not yet widely used throughout the industry, you can bet it will be in the very, very near future.  And we’ll be right there at the forefront.

You can count on W Realty Group to stay at the cutting edge of real estate marketing to ensure your home gets the high end, professional exposure it deserves.  Our intern, the Dubba Drone, works for free and mostly just provides for fun and entertainment today.  However, as with any young and hard working professional, we are nurturing him to achieve his full potential and expect him to become a huge success in the near future.