CALL FOR ACTION: Charlotte Mandating Registration of Rental Properties

If you OWN A HOME YOU RENT OUT in Charlotte or have an interest in investment property, PLEASE READ THIS AND TAKE ACTION:
Charlotte City council has instituted a Rental Property Ordinance that requires ANYONE that owns a home that is rented in the City of Charlotte to register their rental property with CMPD. Under the ordinance, you will be required to post a notice inside the home with your contact info like you see on the back of a door in hotel rooms. If you do not comply with this ordinance, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. EVEN IF YOU ONLY OWN ONE RENTAL HOME, you are subject to this ordinance.
Also, the ordinance holds that if a crime happens to take place on your property through no fault of your own, you can be faced with fines and subject to a probationary period. Basically, the city is trying to hold landlords responsible for the actions of their tenants!!
This ordinance is absolutely ridiculous. It is a blatant disregard to your property & privacy rights.
PLEASE check out the call for action below and send an email to EACH of our city council members. they keep this ordinance in place, we cannot re-elect these people to our city council. This affects all of us and our property values. Your help is absolutely necessary. Your voice can be heard. This city is not as big as it might seem. Thank you!!!!

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