Market data looking up

This week our listings saw  an average of 1.8 showing each.   This is a bit slower than the previous week, but recent Charlotte market data is showing signs of improvement.   Our monthly e-Newsletter was published recently and revealed the following:

  • Homes sales are still down over last year, but were up 40% over last month.
  • The average sales price is holding steady and is up 1.8% over last year.
  • Average days on market is still on the rise.   Its up 26% over last year and up 5% since last month.
  • Pending home sales are down over last year, but up 7% over last month.

The encouraging news in the above data is that home sales look to be picking up again as of March and the pending home sales show that pattern should continue.   Wall Street seems to agree as the Dow Jones Index gained 4% just this week alone.

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