Media finally reports some good news!

This week our listings saw an average of 1.6 showings each which is slightly less than last week and a bit slower than expected given the season.   We received offers on a few of our listings last week, but none that turned into contracts.   Buyers have become very, very discriminating because of the high inventory levels.  

The good news is that the national medial reported last week that national home sales were up in February for the first time.   Dr. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist of the National Association of Realtors, says that he’s not expecting a significant turn around until the second half of this year, but is encouraged to see the improvement.

Charlotte has certainly not been as hard hit as many other areas of the country.   We are fortunate for that.   In our experience, there are still many buyers in Charlotte that want to buy, but can’t because they have houses to sell in other markets.   Hopefully, a pickup in the national market will result in improved sales here.   If houses in other markets start to sell, then those sellers will become ready and willing to buy in our backyard.

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