Merry Christmas!

Its the day after Christmas and we are almost  on the road to recovery.   There’s one more hurdle to clear in 2007 called New Year’s eve before we can truly begin anew in 2008.   I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas including some time to relax and enjoy friends and family.

I’m going to keep this update brief and to the point in the spirit of Christmas.   There has been very little real estate activity as we might all expect since December 15.   Our listings saw slightly less than one showing per week on average over the past two weeks.  

As I’ve travelled by car up the East Coast for the holidays, we’ve made a few stops along the way.   Specifically, Northern Virginia, New York, Connecticut, and Boston.   We’ve had some light real estate conversations with folks in each of these areas.   Each conversation has been a reminder to me that we really don’t have it all that bad in Charlotte.   In Connecticut, I heard “our market isn’t all that bad, our prices are only down about 5%”.   Hmmm….in Charlotte our prices were still going up as of my last monthly E-Newsletter!  

As I sit here writing this on the day after Christmas, I can tell you that I’ve never been so excited and determined to begin the new year with a fresh outlook.   So, enjoy the next few days, the last of 2007.   One week from now, we’ll be into a new year and what I believe will be a road to recovery for our softened real estate market.   Happy New Year everyone!

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