Pending Home Sales Up 10% Since Last Month

This week our listings saw an average of 4.25 showings each and the traffic continues to increase.   Isn’t spring great?!   More importantly, pending home sales for Mecklenburg County are up 10% since we last reported them in mid January.  

Pending home sales reflect listings that are under contract but not yet closed.   This is a great indicator of what the market will look like in 30 to 60 days since that’s roughly how long it takes for a closing to occur.   This means that home sales should show  a similar increase 30 to 60 days from now.

I’m keeping this week’s blog short and sweet, but the news in it should certainly  come as  sweet.   I’m hopeful that when I publish my next E-newsletter (around Feb 15), the pending home sales will have  risen even higher.  

To all those hoping for recovery  in the Charlotte real estate market (I assume that is most of you)….keep your fingers crossed.   These signs say it’s on the way.  

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