Showing Traffic Keeping Up With Last Year

This week our listings saw an average of 2 showings each.   Overall, it was slower than expected given the averages for previous weeks and the beautiful weekend weather.   However, last weekend did mark the beginning of Spring Break for many of the local schools.   So the weak traffic pattern could simply be a function of shifted priorities during a holiday week.

Slightly concerned about the decrease in traffic, I looked back through last year’s blogs around the same time.   I was pleasantly surprised to find that this same time last year, our listings were getting roughly 2-3 showings each on average.   Comparing this year with last, it appears that showing traffic is slightly better this year than it was last year.   Considering that last spring was a decent real estate market (at least better than the fall was), I’m encouraged that we are still on track for recovery.

Next week we’ll publish our monthly E-Newsletter revealing the market stats for March.   Check back next week to see how things are looking.

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