The First Time Buyer Credit Just Got Better!

This week our listings saw an average of two showings each.   The traffic is still slow considering the season, but the quality of the showings has improved.   The ratio of tire kickers to qualified, motivated buyers  is improving based on the feedback we’ve seen.

This will certainly help:   A few days ago the Dept of Housing and Urban Development announced that the $8000.00 first time buyer tax credit can now be used at the closing table for downpayment assistance.   This has huge impacts for buyers that qualify for the credit but don’t have the cash to float the downpayment until their tax returns are amended.

Spread the word.   If you know someone that qualifies for the first time buyer credit, they can take advantage of an $8000 gift from the Federal Goverment right at the closing table.   Talk about a no-brainer!

Check out this article at for details!

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