T’was The Night Before A W Realty Christmas…


T’was the Night before Christmas, when all through the house,

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The brochures were placed on the counter with care,

in the hopes that the perfect buyer soon would be there.

The sellers were nestled all snug in their beds,

while visions of a brand new home danced in their heads.

And Mrs. Buyer in her pantsuit, and Mr. Buyer in his cap,

had just made an appointment through their new showing app.

The next day at noon, the seller’s doorbell sounded;

the buyers walked in and soon were astounded.

These floors are pristine, the windows brand new!

The buyers were in awe; they knew just what to do.

Back to the office, they flew like a flash!

Printed a brand new offer, and signed in a dash.

A call to Scott and Jackie was soon on the way,

the buyers’ offer was low but they thought, “Let’s see what the seller will say.”

“Ring-Ring,” goes the phone as Mr. Seller runs near.

“Yes?” he answers. “Do we have an offer? Let’s hear!”

“It’s a little low,” mentions Jackie. “$10k to be exact.”

Scott then pipes in, “I know what you’re thinking, we should definitely counter back.”

“Ok, sounds good.” Mr. Seller agrees.

“Let’s send a counter back, then wait and see.”

In a home of their own, in a not so distant land,

the buyers anxiously awaited to see where they might stand.

Their agent rang quickly, as soon as she got the news.

Then advised her buyers, that any better – they wouldn’t do.

“The house is so perfect; we can move up just a little!

I think it’s quite fair that we all meet in the middle!”

The counter quickly signed, and sent back to Scott.

The team hip-hip hooray-ed for the new contract they got!

Now onto closing, they would all quickly go.

Attorney selected, inspections scheduled, Lauren wastes no time, as we all know!

The sellers were eager to pair with Maria, Breanne, Lisa or Liz.

With their house under contract, it was time to find some new digs!

But it was Christmas, and everyone was smiling.

It was time to go home to celebrate, be merry and bid good tidings.

With a job well done the W Team drove out of sight.

They exclaimed “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!”

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