W Update: Helpful Hints from W’s Closing Queen!

Lauren BlogThough we are well into summer, the Spring market frenzy is in the final stages of wrapping up. For W Realty Group, the spring and early summer months have been a busy time for all team members. As hectic as it may have been, the team took it in stride and was able to maintain their high customer care standard. That priority was maintained, especially, thanks to the efforts of our Closing Coordinator – Lauren Chacon.

Lauren has been with Team W since 2014, beginning as the Marketing and Admin Coordinator. Scott and Maria quickly recognized her strong organizational and communication skills, and groomed her to become the first licensee at W Realty Group to focus solely on closings.

Because we are on the tail end of a very busy season, with a record of 19 closings this past month, we thought our first W Update should focus on educating our friends, family and clients on what goes on behind the scenes of a transaction by interviewing our beloved Closing Queen, Lauren!

  • What is your favorite aspect of real estate?
    • I love the excitement that comes along with working with people while they go through such a big purchase and life change. The relationships you build with clients when you’re helping them buy or sell their home is unique because it really is such a big deal to make that change.
  • Can you describe what your role is, in layman’s terms?
    • My job is to keep everyone on track throughout the closing process. I’m the one in the office who handles all the nitty-gritty details of a real estate transaction. There are a lot of people involved in the transaction which allows for a lot of error, so I work hard to minimize that as best I can. I manage checklists to make sure all the details are tended to. I also manage people by communicating with lenders, buyer and listing agents, contractors and inspectors to make sure they all have the necessary information for a smooth transaction. I support all of our agents while they’re out and about with clients by making sure they have they information they need to stay up to date with their closings.
  • What are your priorities when it comes to closing a transaction for W clients?
    • My main priority is to make sure we close on time and to ensure that no delay-causing mistakes happen. I also try to keep the closing as stress free as possible, and make sure everyone is on the same page. I mostly want to keep people calm and make sure they understand what’s going on. Sometimes delays are out of my control, and when that is the case so I try to take care of the closing and the clients as best as I can!
  • Each transaction is very different, but what varies most between seller side and buyer side closings?
    • During a seller side closing, you’re reacting to what the buyer is asking for. Buyers are requesting various degrees of repairs, and when I’m working for the seller I am reacting to what they Buyer and Seller have agreed upon.
    • Buyer’s side closings can be a little bit more work, because there is the lending aspect which gets wrapped into everything. That’s probably the biggest difference.
  • What is your best piece of advice for those who going through a closing?
    • Stay calm! We will get through it together! We understand that buying or selling a house can be really stressful and we try to shield you from that stress as best we can. Just know that we will handle whatever comes at us to the best of our ability so you can have the smoothest transaction possible!

We hope this has been a short, sweet and insightful read! Stay tuned for next month’s W Update!

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