W Update: We’re going to Canada…

FullSizeRender (009) Actually, we’ve already gone and are now back.  Although many Americans are threatening permanent residency there in the months ahead, we are here in Charlotte to stay.  But we did enjoy our absolutely amazing trip to the Canadian Rockies for our family vacation this summer.  I can’t imagine a more beautiful place in the world.  The region was full of wildlife, soaring snow-covered mountain peaks, unbelievable turquoise glacial lakes and rivers, and of course the fear of grizzly bears!  Fortunately and unfortunately, we didn’t have any grizzly encounters during our time away.


Everyone needIMG_1009s time away to recharge and get re-energized.  And that we did.  But the best part is how the W Team kept things together while we are way.  Breanne & Lisa were feverishly out showing homes and helping clients write offers.  Jackie listed and sold homes.  Lauren successfully carried five contracts to closing.  And Christina kept the office running and made sure that our clients received all of our regular communications. Things ran very smooth while we were away.  Almost too smooth… they still need me, I thought to myself?


But we came back to a warm welcome and definitely felt the love.  Thank you so much to everyone on the team for giving us that time to be with family and with nature.  We so appreciated every moment and we have definitely come back with a fervor to finish the year with a bang.

Back and ready to serve you,

Scott & Maria Wurtzbacher

And oh, by the way, the Canadian real estate market is starting to heat up – let us know if you have any listing referrals…IMG_1359



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