W Update: We’re Headed to the Beach!

Goodbye school days and hello summer vacations.  It’s time to pack up and head to the beach!  This summer if you head to the Wilmington, North Carolina area beaches, you might find some familiar faces there.  And if you ever find yourself dreaming about your own vacation getaway there, now you’ve got a trusted professional that you can talk to!  So, let’s turn that dream into reality.  Home prices in Charlotte have moved well beyond the pre-recession highs, but the Wilmington area still has a way to go and there are some great investment opportunities there.

Those of you that have been loyal fans for many years, know that our real estate roots started to grow with investment property.  Recently we have expanded that portfolio to the coast of North Carolina through the addition of a modest investment property there.  This investment and the experience that has come along with it, brings an opportunity for possible expansion of our team into the Wilmington market.

While we are still exploring ideas for this area, we are always ready to talk with you, our clients and friends, about real estate in any markets.  Specifically, if you have ever thought about a second home or a vacation rental at any of the Wilmington area beaches, give us a call.  We’d love to talk with you about it!




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