Mecklenburg County Single Family Statistics

Carolina Multiple Listing Service
June, 2020 May, 2020 One Month Change June, 2019 One Year Change
Home Sales 1,592 989 60.97% 1,547 2.91%
Average Sales Price $397,923 $374,432 6.27% $402,169 -1.06%
Median Sales Price $319,900 $310,000 3.19% $310,000 3.19%
Avg. Days on Market 36 34 5.88% 39 -7.69%
Pending Home Sales 3,033 2,891 4.91% 2,498 21.42%
Housing Supply 3.63 3.86 -5.96% 4.44 -18.24%
Mortgage Rates 3.16% 3.23% -2.17% 3.80% -16.84%
Average Payment $1,369.75 $1,300.36 5.34% $1,499.15 -8.63%
Average Sq. Ft. 2,370 2,318 2.24% 2,455 -3.46%
Average $/Sq. Ft. $167.90 $161.53 3.94% $163.82 2.49%
June, 2020 One Year Change
Home Sales 1,592 2.91%
Average Sales Price $397,923 -1.06%
Median Sales Price $319,900 3.19%
Avg. Days on Market 36 -7.69%
Pending Home Sales 3,033 21.42%
Housing Supply 3.63 -18.24%
Mortgage Rates 3.16% -16.84%
Average Payment $1,369.75 -8.63%
Average Sq. Ft. 2,370 -3.46%
Average $/Sq. Ft. $167.90 2.49%


Home Sales
Number of home sales in Mecklenburg County during the period identified.
Average Sales Price
Average sales price of homes closed during the period identified.
Median Sales Price
Median sales price of homes closed during the period identified.
Average Days On Market
The average amount of time on the market (in days) for sold homes during the period identified.
Pending Home Sales
Number of contracts pending for listed homes not yet closed. This statistic is a key indicator of home sales in the next 30-60 days.
Housing Supply
The number of months it would take to exhaust the existing supply of homes at the current sales pace. Note that a six month supply can be considered a balanced market. A supply of less than six months indicates a sellers’ market, while greater than six indicates a buyers’ market.
Mortgage Rates
Based on Freddie Mac 30 year average fixed rate.
Average Payment
The principal and interest payment on a 30 year mortgage using 80% of the average sales price and mortgage rate listed for the given period. The intent of this statistic is to demonstrate how affordability changes due to fluctuations in both price and interest rates.
Average Sq. Ft.
The average square footage for homes closed during the period identified.
Average $/Sq. Ft.
The average sales price divided by the average square footage for the period identified.

These market statistics summarize all of Mecklenburg County. Similar statistics for your neighborhood may vary due to differences in your local market. For more specifics about your local area, send us an email at