Our Pledge to Our Buyers

Our buyer clients come to us for expert assistance in finding and negotiating the right home.  You can expect us to tap into our years of experience, extensive market knowledge, and wide network.  No stone will be left unturned in your search for your dream home.  We will break down the search effort into seven simple phases:

Our Buyers Can Expect

Identify Your Goals

  1. Listening to you and being understanding, first and foremost!
  2. Discussing the benefits and pitfalls of different property types.
  3. Reviewing our ‘Buyer Goal Sheet’ to determine your real estate wants and needs.
  4. Helping you to connect your goals with the right kind of property.
  5. Creating a timeline and plan toward achieving your goals.

Understand the Process

  1. Providing you with a ‘W Realty Group Portfolio’ full of information you’ll need to help you through the buying experience.
  2. Including a step-by-step checklist so that you know what to expect and you’ll know exactly where we are in the process.
  3. Keeping you informed every step of the way.

Get Pre-Qualified

  1. Connecting you with lenders that have a proven history for providing customers with the best financing for their needs.
  2. Helping you to understand the options that lenders provide.
  3. Sharing tools to simplify the financial side of buying your home.

Find the Property

  1. Providing frequent updates on available homes that match your search criteria. Check out our Property Search to view all available homes within the regional multiple listing service.
  2. Acclimating you to areas of interest.
  3. Using current technology to keep you updated on the most recent market conditions.
  4. Arranging exclusive appointments to show you desired properties.
  5. Reviewing and discussing each property to continuously fine-tune our search.

Securing the Deal

  1. Performing a current market analysis to determine the fair market value of the property.
  2. Providing pertinent data from many sources that will help you make an educated decision.
  3. Reviewing and completing the necessary paperwork for an offer to purchase and supporting documents in compliance with appropriate state law.
  4. Negotiating the offer to help you get the best possible price on your next home.

Closing the Transaction

  1. Including a step-by-step closing checklist so that you know what to expect and you’ll know exactly where we are in the process.
  2. Allowing you to tap our network of professionals to inspect and evaluate your new home prior to closing. This will include attorneys, inspectors, contractors, appraisers, lenders, other agents and more.
  3. Maintaining close contact with your lender. The number one reason real estate transactions fall through is due to financing issues.
  4. Setting up your home inspections and negotiating repairs. The second reason real estate transactions fall through is due to repair disagreements.
  5. Carefully coordinating the activities of ten to twenty other professional to make certain that each gets their respective duties complete so you close as expected.
  6. Reviewing the financial details with you so you understand your closing costs and your total investment.

Your Agent for Life

  1. Keeping you up to date on market conditions.
  2. Providing full access to our exclusive network of top contractors and service professionals.
  3. Being available for real estate questions after your closing.
  4. Helping to evolve your real estate portfolio as your life goals change.
  5. As your Buyer Agent, our job is to help you save the most amount of money possible, help you experience the least amount of stress possible, and keep you informed of where we are in the process each step of the way. Remember, our fees are paid by the seller even though we are legally YOUR Buyer Agent. Contact us now to get started.