Awaiting a decision on government bailout

This week our listings saw an average of 1.78 showings each.   This is a slowdown over the past few weeks, but is really no surprise due to the shortage of gas in the area.   There seems to be some relief at the pumps today and the nationally falling gas prices appear to backup official statements that relief is on the way.

This is a very trying time for us right now as we are being bombarded with lots of economic issues hitting us from all sides.   Much of what we are hearing in the news is dumbed down versions of the true complexities that have gotten us to where we are today.   It is very difficult to understand the nature of our current situation based on the slew of media babble.

Congress is supposed to vote on a finalized version of the $700 billion economic bailout plan today and it is expected to get to the senate by Wednesday.   The plan is said to make $250 billion available immediately with the rest coming shortly thereafter.   The National Association of Realtors is in support of the plan based on its expected impact on the housing and credit market.

No matter how you slice it, over the past ten years we’ve seen some very strong economic growth followed by  a  dramatic downturn.   The cycle will continue and soon enough we’ll be back on an upward trend.   But there’s no telling how much farther there is to go and how soon the recovery will begin.   In the meantime, all we can do as individuals  is  to play the cards we are dealt to the best of our ability.

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