Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 to everyone.   This past week our listings saw an average of 1.3 showings each (although that average is skewed because one listing had four showings).   It was undoubtedly a slow week as we pulled through the final week of 2007 and the holiday season.   I’m confident that the Charlotte market will be quick to recover from the slowdown.   In the early days of 2008, I’ve already started to feel the momentum brewing gauged by the increased number of buyers and sellers already calling our office.

Regardless of where the national market and economy stand, real estate is still a seasonal market in our area.   Consider that in 2006, home sales in Mecklenburg County hit a seasonal low in February with less than 1000 home sales.   That number jumped dramatically in March to almost 1200.   This proves  that activity picked up  after the holidays, as the contracts would have  been written in January  and February  for March closings.   2006 was not an isolated case as this trend is a pattern that seems to be normal for our area.   I have no doubt that we’ll see that pattern continue this year.

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