Has The Bleeding Stopped?

This week our listings saw an average of 2 showings each.   This is only a slight improvement over last week, but an improvement nonetheless.   The next few weeks will reveal whether or not the slowdown of the past three weeks was related to the market or simply just reflects shifted priorities around the spring break holidays.

Our office has definitely seen an increase in phone calls inquiring about listings just in the past couple days.   Additionally,  well over  a third of the past week’s showings occurred in the past two days.   I’m very hopeful for a good weekend of showings to come.

We certainly aren’t out of this slowed market, but I’m still optimistic that things have bottomed out.   The question that remains is how long will we linger here?

Today it was reported that the Federal Housing Finance Agency Index  indicated a  February  increase in national home prices for the second straight month.   The index showed a decline of 6.5% over the last year.   I’m not surprised about the decline;    in Charlotte it was even deeper than it was nationally.   But the recent month over month national increase is encouraging to me.   Most of us have accepted the losses we’ve incurred during this recession.   But it will definitely be comforting to know for sure that the bleeding has stopped.  

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