Let’s Hear it from a Successful Seller!

This week our listings saw an average of 1.85 showings each.   The trend continues that aggressively priced listings are showing frequently, while those priced purely based on past sales are not getting much traffic.

Over the past seven days, we were able to help the sellers of one listing successfully enter into a contract.   For months now, I’ve been using this blog to discuss market conditions along with  the most effective marketing strategies to sell homes.   This week, I thought I’d  share a  successful seller’s perspective.

Shortly after inking a  deal last week, I spoke with my seller clients, Ryan & Regina, about the steps we had taken to get them there.    Individually, they each shared their views about what it took to sell  a home  in the current market.   So what did they have to say?

Ryan was quick to  answer  that price was the number one factor  in attracting the buyer.   Secondarily,  he felt that the location of his home and the unique features of his lot made it stand apart from  the competition.   Their lot  backs up  to a community pond giving it access to water recreation and a stunning view.   Ryan said that their asking  price reflected the comparable sale prices of similar homes in the neighborhood that lacked the  pond frontage.   From his perspective, the lot was  an added bonus when compared to other homes priced like theirs.   Ryan concluded that the buyer was interested in getting a great location, view and square footage at the best price possible.

Regina had a slightly different perspective.   When listing the home, we utilized  a staging professional to help re-arrange the furnishings and  offer suggestions to make  it  magazine ready.    Regina & Ryan took advantage of  the suggestions and by the time we listed, the home looked  fabulous.   Regina  felt that the  appealing interior  they created through staging sold the house.   Secondarily, she agreed with Ryan’s comments that the aggressive asking price along with their unique lot ultimately got the job done.

These home sellers  understood the slow conditions and were  very active in monitoring market activity.    Ryan & Regina  expressed  much disappointment  over a  market that wouldn’t allow them to set a higher asking price.    But  considering the doors that selling would open for them,  they  acted in the best interest of their family.   They  remained objective throughout the process, confronted the reality of the market conditions, and acted  in time  to find a successful contract.   Congratulations Ryan & Regina!

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