Showing activity surges

This week our listings saw a whopping average of 3.2 showings each.   This is more than double the traffic  we had  last week.   Perhaps that is  an early sign of what I’ve already predicted to be a strong first quarter.   USA today tends to agree.   Here’s a link to a great article they published this week suggesting that buyers are out earlier than normal this  year because of the tax credits that will expire on 4/30/10:   Springtime  home buyers out early  

The economy continues to show signs of improvement, the real estate statistics in Charlotte are moving in the right direction, and most of the fellow agents with whom I’ve interacted are saying that things have gotten busy in a hurry.   Now the showing traffic has picked up tremendously in a short period of time.   Hopefully, this increase will translate into contracts and home sales.   For those homeowners worried about the drop in prices over the past two years, remember that appreciation has to start with increased home sales volume.   So maybe we don’t see huge price gains this year, but the next boom definitely is coming.

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