Snow Day!

This week our listings saw an average of 2.4 showings each.   It was a slow week and hopes were high that traffic would pick up over the weekend.   Unfortunately, this weekend  consisted of  two rainy days followed by a rare snow storm.   In Charlotte, North Carolina its not surprising that people were not out looking at houses in the snow.   There’s only so many days a year that we actually get a chance to make a snow man!   The one I made just a few hours ago is already melting.  

It is amazing the effect that good weather has on a home buyers willingness to buy.   Perhaps that explains why the spring and summer months are typically a busier time than winter and fall.   The good news is that March is  upon  us  and that marks spring around here.   The weather forecast for the latter part of this week is improving.   Lets hope that some increased traffic comes out with the sun.   Until then, enjoy the snow!

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